7 Best Rice Cookers in Australia for Perfectly Cooked Steamed Rice

WriterSarah Williams

12 March 2024

7 Best Rice Cookers in Australia for Perfectly Cooked Steamed Rice

To whip up that perfect fluffy rice, the choice of a rice cooker can be a game-changer in kitchens across Australia. We've dived deep into the world of rice cookers to bring you a scoop on the best picks that marry functionality with value. Whether you're a sushi aficionado or a fan of the classic steamed white rice, we've got something for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Breville Rice Box Cooker stands out for its versatility and large capacity, ideal for a variety of rice dishes.
  • Sunbeam's Rice Cooker and Steamer offers great value, proving to be an efficient and budget-friendly option.
  • The Tefal Easy Rice & Slow Cooker shines with its Fuzzy Logic technology, ensuring perfectly cooked rice and more.
  • For those with limited kitchen space, the compact Instant Pot Duo Mini is a multifunctional marvel.
  • Panasonic’s one-touch rice cooker simplifies the cooking process, making it a great choice for convenience.
  • Russell Hobbs' 11-in-1 Multicooker and Philips 8L All-in-One Cooker are top picks for families or those needing high-capacity, versatile kitchen appliances.

Best Overall Rice Cooker to Buy in Australia

Breville Rice Box Cooker: This cooker is all about versatility and ease, offering pre-set functions for various types of rice and even dishes like congee. Its large capacity and steaming tray feature make it perfect for meal planning or family dinners. However, its larger size and price tag may not suit everyone.

Best Rice Cooker for Its Price

Sunbeam Rice Cooker and Steamer: Budget-friendly and straightforward, this cooker does what it promises - perfectly cooked rice. Its steaming tray adds a bit of versatility, though it's more suited for smaller servings. A great pick for those who prioritize simplicity and affordability.

Best Rice and Slow Cooker

Tefal Easy Rice & Slow Cooker: Leveraging Fuzzy Logic technology, this cooker adapts to your ingredients, ensuring optimal results. While it excels in cooking a variety of dishes, its cleaning process and slower rice cooking speed might not appeal to everyone.

Alternative Multifunctional Rice Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Mini: Compact and versatile, this cooker is ideal for small kitchens or individuals. Despite a slight learning curve, its convenience and performance make it a worthwhile investment.

Easiest Rice Cooker to Use

Panasonic Rice Cooker: With a one-button operation, this cooker is the epitome of simplicity. It's perfect for those who value convenience and a straightforward cooking process, though it may take longer to cook compared to other models.

Best Multifunctional Rice Cooker for Families

Russell Hobbs 11-in-1 Multicooker: This cooker's vast array of settings caters to nearly any dish you can imagine. Its large capacity is perfect for family meals, though its size and complexity may not suit everyone.

Best High-Capacity All-in-One Rice Cooker

Philips 8L All-in-One Cooker: A powerhouse in the kitchen, this cooker's versatility and large capacity are unmatched. Its learning curve and hefty weight are small trade-offs for its performance and variety of functions.

Before You Buy: Considerations

When shopping for a rice cooker, think about capacity, cooking functions, ease of use, durability, brand reputation, and budget. Whether you prefer a simple model for basic rice dishes or a high-tech cooker for a variety of meals, there's a rice cooker out there to meet your culinary needs.

The Bottom Line

The right rice cooker can simplify your cooking routine and elevate your dishes. From versatile, high-capacity models to compact, budget-friendly options, our top picks cater to diverse preferences and needs. Remember, the best rice cooker is one that fits your lifestyle, cooking habits, and kitchen space, ensuring perfectly cooked rice with every meal.

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