Discover Matteo Wong's Cultural Favorites and Recommendations

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2 March 2024

Discover Matteo Wong's Cultural Favorites and Recommendations

Welcome back to The Daily’s Sunday culture edition, where we bring you the latest in entertainment and culture. In this edition, we feature Matteo Wong, an associate editor at The Atlantic, who shares his favorite musical artist, online creator, author, poem, quiet song, loud song, museum show, and painting. We also highlight three Sunday reads from The Atlantic. Read on to discover new ideas and recommendations in culture.

Sunday Reads from The Atlantic

  1. The Culture Survey: Matteo Wong

In this article, Matteo Wong shares his personal connection to the music of British singer Birdy and how her albums have marked different phases of his life. He also discusses his admiration for the cooking show Binging With Babish and his love for the works of author Ted Chiang. Lastly, he reveals his favorite poem and songs. Read more

  1. KitchenAid Did It Right 87 Years Ago

Anna Kramer reflects on her 35-year-old KitchenAid stand mixer and the memories associated with it. She discusses the longevity and quality of the device, highlighting its significance in family homes around the world. Read more

  1. Photo Album: Two Years of War in Ukraine

Explore Jędrzej Nowicki’s powerful photo essay capturing the impact of the war in Ukraine. Anne Applebaum provides an introduction that delves into how the war has transformed Ukrainian society. Read more

Matteo Wong's Favorites

  • Musical Artist: Birdy
  • Online Creator: Binging With Babish
  • Author: Ted Chiang
  • Poem: A. R. Ammons’s “Small Song”
  • Quiet Song: Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Wedding Song”
  • Loud Song: Jacob Banks’s “Sink or Swim”
  • Museum Show: An-My Lê’s Between Two Rivers
  • Painting: Claude Monet’s water lilies


This edition of The Atlantic Daily: Sunday Culture Edition offers a glimpse into the personal interests and recommendations of Matteo Wong, an associate editor at The Atlantic. From music and cooking shows to literature and art, Wong shares his favorites and provides readers with new ideas and recommendations. Explore the featured articles and discover the cultural gems recommended by Wong. Sign up for The Atlantic Daily newsletter to stay informed about the latest stories and recommendations in culture.

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