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A Guide to the Different Types of Rice Cookers

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Basic Rice Cookers

Basic rice cookers have an inner pot and heating element that switches to warm mode once the rice is finished cooking. They cook white rice very well, but don't have many other functions. These affordable models are best for households that eat rice frequently. Top brands for basic rice cookers include Panasonic, Aroma, and Zojirushi.

Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers

Fuzzy logic rice cookers use advanced technology to cook rice more precisely. They can adjust temperature and cooking time automatically to ensure perfect rice every time. They can cook all types of rice including brown rice, sushi rice, porridge and more. Leading fuzzy logic models are made by Zojirushi, Tiger and Cuckoo.

Multifunction Rice Cookers

Multifunction or multi-cooker rice cookers go beyond cooking rice. They can also steam vegetables, cook meat, make soup, bake cakes and more. Higher-end models may have 10 or more cooking functions. Top multifunction rice cooker brands are Instant Pot, Breville and Philips.

Mini Rice Cookers

Mini rice cookers offer great convenience with small footprint. They typically cook 1-3 cups of rice, perfect for singles, couples and small families. They have basic on/off functionality. Top mini rice cooker models are made by Dash, Aroma Housewares and Black+Decker.

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